Friday, 5 March 2010

An Ode To A Wool Shop

I give my thanks for your multi-coloured hanks
As I finger through them with glee
And I can't help but fall for those lovely balls
Wound up oh so tight just for me

And I really despair as I fall for mohair
So expensive but silky and fine
And my arms are so full of 100% wool
With a softness and warmth so divine

There's needles and hooks and then pattern books
There's 4-ply and 2-ply and chunky
I can't help but be elated when I find variegated
And eyelash yarn that's oh so funky

Acrylic is cheap but it works up a treat
There's fun fur and ribbon yarn too
And the colours so bright, pink, black and white
Purple, orange, red, yellow and blue

So I go to the till and my arms they are filled
With yarns of all shapes and sizes
I'm addicted to yarn, though it causes no harm
Addiction comes in all kinds of guises!