Monday, 23 November 2009

Tasteless Amigurumi

Meet Mr Period.

I made him to honour everything that's horrible about periods and also to cheer myself up while I was on my period. He's crocheted and is in a suitably bad mood.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wool Craft Update

I've been busy and probably left this blog longer than I should have. I have been crafting though but as usual I've forgotten to take pictures. I'm not really cut out for this craft-blogging lark! I just thought I'd keep you updated with my crafting.

I've made one pair of mittens using a pattern that's so old the price was in shillings and pence (well, just one shilling to be completely accurate). They're a combination of knit and crochet for minimum boredom and they're a purple colour (because that was the colour that was nearestwhen I decided to try the pattern!) They're a good fit and are very warm, it's nice to know that hand sizes haven't changed much since decimalisation!! The main hand bit is double crochet so they're lovely and thick. The thumb is stockinette stitch and the cuff is k1, p1 rib.

I'm making a knitted square blanket, making7" knitted squares. So far I've got 12 squares, I'm doing this blanket when I'm too tired to concentrate but not so tired I don't want to knit. the colours are beiges and browns with a bitof white thrown in for extra measure!

I'm in the middle of a zigzag baby blanket using a pattern found at Attic24. I'd find you a link to the exact pattern but to be honest I thoroughly recommend reading her blog and finding it yourself as she has lots of other lovely thigns you'll probably want to try! Speaking of which I've now made 3 little crochet birds just for my general amusement, find the pattern on her site it's fun and quick to do!

I'm still on with the Entrelac scarf which I'm enjoying but can't always be bothered doing after a busy day. Plus there's always so many other patterns to try... why is there never enough hours in a day?

Finally I'm making a woolly hat for the Other Half who has a bit of a hat fetish. I've cast on 92 stitches and am knitting until it measures about 9" I'll then do a few rows of k2 together until there's few enough stitches to thread the end through, gather and sew down the side. It's an olive green colour and is so far about 3" from cast on.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Knitted? I Think You'll Find That's Crochet

I love Harry Hill’s TV burp, it’s the only thing on TV that I get mad about missing but something has been bothering me for quite a while.

It’s this:
From the very first clip when the Knitted Character first appeared in Eastenders I said “that’s not knitted, it’s crocheted” but I let it slide because I didn’t think much of it. But now the character has taken off, you can even win one with the weekly competition.

It’s driving me insane, partly because whenever I’m crocheting anyone who sees me goes “what are you knitting?”

I then have 3 choices

1. Go into a lengthy diatribe about how knitting is completely different and uses two needles, whereas crochet just uses one hook and the look of the stitches and the feel of the finished garment is completely different

2. Answer “Scarf”

3. Beat them with my crochet hook until they’re no longer bothering me.

There are two reasons it drives me mad, the first is that you’d never go to someone with coloured pencils and ask them what they were painting. Oh, and trust me don’t EVER ask someone who’s a Ham Radio operator if they’re doing CB radio.

The second is it proves just how little knowledge and interest people actually have, crochet and knitting are different. They could ask “Are you knitting?” and I’d be fine, I’d probably even answer “Sort of, I’m crocheting, similar idea, different tools.” But they don’t, they assume I’m knitting and that really riles me.

To top it all the company that makes them have even said it’s not knitted, it’s crochet, you can buy them here unless of course you’re under 16.

Anyway, it’s fair to say I really need to calm down, no-one should get this worked up over wool crafts.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Template

I accidentally cocked up my old template in a freak blog accident. As a result I've got this one, it's a work in progress but on the plus side it's a lovely blue colour.

It'll probably change a lot in the coming days. Please let me know if it's not displaying correctly or if there's any bits you think I should change!

Thanks :-)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Can't Talk. Busy

Oh my goodness, now I've gone and done it. I've only bloomin' well found the joy of Entrelac thanks to Alison of Freckles & Purls quite addictive Entrelac Scarf pattern (PDF).

All I think about is Entrelac. Is there a support group? Entrelac anonymous?

The funny thing is I'd always discounted it as something that looked too complicated. I was wrong. if you can knit, purl, increase and decrease you can Entrelac.

Curse you Entrelac, knitting will never be the same again...