Friday, 18 May 2012

Baby (Toddler) Cardigan

Should have rotated prior to uploading!!
I'm currently knitting this cardigan for my little one, it's one of  a load of patterns my grandma gave me and is probably one I had knitted for me as a child. I've got a huge box full of patterns from the 70s and 80s so I thought I'd have a try.

The front pattern
So far I've got one front panel and the back piece knitted, the pattern is quite nice - a bit "leafy" and as you can see from the picture below it should fit - if I get my finger out and hurry up with it!!!
Check for size while the baby sleeps!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Crocheted Milk Jug Cover

Another recent project was this crocheted milk jug cover, I've added beads round the edge to hold it in place. It's for a friend - I don't even own a milk jug so this is the best picture I can get. I love crocheting and this was lots of fun to make.

I used a book called "Two Balls Or Less" to get some inspiration for the pattern but as usual I made it up after a quick glance!!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Crazy Crazy Monster Pants

I'm currently knitting monster pants for a friend (well, her baby) pictured is the bum, the pattern has a face on the nappy-cladded bottom! I've now begun the legs. They are a challenge especially since, as a rule, I hate knitting in the round especially with DPNs. To make matters more interesting the legs are striped which means I have to do something else I hate - change colours!! So far though I'm pleased with the progress!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Still Crocheting

So, the baby took up more of the past year than I'd anticipated but I'm pleased to say, now she's almost 11 months I finally have some time to not only crochet but also blog!

This is my most recent project, made with one ball of chunky wool and a 5mm crochet hook, it's hdc in a spiral and sc across the top. Then hdc triangles attached for ear flaps and the decoration added.
It looks like all my crocheting will be baby-themed now! I intend to post about all the things I've made but have had no time to blog about. Fingers-crossed I'll now have time!

Hope you're all well, sorry for the long break!