Friday, 3 October 2008


I've finally followed a pattern (almost) I used the right sized needles but just grabbed the nearest wool. Again I didn't knit a gauge square, what can I say? I like to take risks with my yarn!

I'm please to announce that I followed a free pattern without changing it a bit and have knit these, they were easy and keep my feet toasty warm. They are very comfy and knit up relatively quickly. As you can see, they're lovely and red. I used quite thick red yarn. They really are simple to knit, all I can say is trust the pattern, they will fit at the end, even though while you're knitting them they look tiny.


Riohnna said...

Wow, they are beautiful! I am really wanting to make myself and my son a pair, but I still hadn't figured out where to get a good non skid material for the bottoms.

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks! Mine are just wool at the bottom but we've got carpets so skidding about is not really a problem.

Had a quick look round the internet for solutions - not sure which will work but this might help:

Cami said...

They look super comfy. I had a pair of crocheted ones once and I wore them out becaseu I wore them so much. These look like they will hold up good. Lovely color!

The Elusive Loo said...

They are very comfy. I wasn't sure if they were a little too red! But it does make them easier to find!