Thursday, 4 December 2008

Winter Woollens!

It's been an eventful day here in the Elusive Loo household. Weather reports had suggested we should be expecting cool weather and mother nature didn't disappoint. We woke up to a substantial covering of 6 inches of beautiful white snow. The Other Half and I have been battling against ice and snow all week and fortunately our 4x4 had managed to get us to work but this morning was a little different.We ventured out across the moor on foot to assess the state of the roads. We found the track we live up completely covered and the snow very deep in places. It was a cold but pleasant morning walk, but when we got down to the tarmacked road to find it totally covered with no grit lorry in sight. Somewhere in the picture below is a road. I'm not sure where. I'm hoping it will be more visible tomorrow!As you can see the snow was well above our wellies so we admitted defeat and returned to the comfort and warmth of our house. At about 11 o'clock we tried to get to work in the car. We managed an inch forward then an inch backwards, then an inch forward and an inch back again. We rocked backwards and forwards for a while and after managing to move the car a foot in the wrong direction we decided to give it up as a bad job.

Later we took another walk across the moor to see if the roads had improved (they hadn't). Here is the view: Apart from getting to work, the other problem we have is how to keep our skinny greyhound from shivering like crazy. I finished a polo-necked jumper for him a couple of days ago and am pleased to say Mr Dudley Doo has been happily wearing it as he skips over the moor.
Instead of working I've been spending the day knitting a blue version of the Dudley coat. It's almost finished and has been a very productive way to spend a cold day!
(As I have typed this a grit wagon has been trying to get up the road below our house. It eventually gave up and reversed very slowly back where it came from!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your dog!!!! I have tagged you, read about it on my blog.

The Elusive Loo said...

Don't let his good looks deceive you, he's quite a cheeky monster!

Thanks for the tag, I'll give it a go!