Friday, 28 November 2008

Christmas Gift #1: Slippers

These are the slippers I have made for my Grandma. They were easy to crochet in a pretty blue wool and I finished them off with some novelty yarn to make them look a bit more colourful. My Grandma's feet are smaller than mine which is why the stitches seem a bit more open in the picture. If my guestimation is right they should fit her ok (fingers crossed!).

They didn't take long, probably just a couple of hours per foot and that's while watching TV and drinking copious amounts of tea. Which reminds me, isn't series 3 of Heroes the most disappointing thing in the world? "Oooh" said the writers "Here's an idea let's take all the characters they've grown to know and love and change them completely. That'll keep the viewers on their toes." IDIOTS. I can only hope it gets better.

Anyway, rant over and back in slipper world; they used very little yarn at all and could easily be made with leftovers. The pattern is here if you want to make some yourself!


Anonymous said...

The slippres are lovely!

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks I was pleased with the result

Krystal said...

You know I love slippers but havent made that many of them for some reason. And I love yours! And their in my favorite color too! Great job!

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks Krystal - I'm very happy with them and they should keep my Grandma's feet nice and toasty!