Monday, 3 November 2008

Stashbusting Crochet Cushion

Here is my latest stash-busting project. I've far too many teeny-tiny balls of wool and this is how I've been trying to get rid of them:It's a one piece rainbow crochet cushion! The directions are really quite simple.

Make a chain the desired length - mine was 46 inches. Single crochet for about 12 inches. You will end up with a huge rectangle, then fold following the diagrams below (and yes, for ease of photographing the diagrams I have used a piece of paper instead of crochet!).

Start with your crocheting as below:
Fold in half:
Fold one half down diagonally:
Do the same with the other side then flip over (as below):
Fold the bottom corner into the centre:
Do the same with the other corner.
Then sew across the front and up the back. Leave the vertical gap at the front open for stuffing. Stuff, then sew up, you should now have a comfy crochet cushion!
Close up view of the reverse of the cushion.


yoel said...

Very cool! Sort of like crochet-origami.

Anonymous said...

That is SO KOOL! I LIKES!!!!

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks to you both! It is like origami (which I'm actually rubbish at!)

I'm just glad I've now at least halved my stash of tiny wool balls!