Sunday, 16 November 2008

Fingerless Gloves Experiment

I've always got cold hands and when crafting I get what I like to term "Knitters Fingers" meaning my hands are absolutely freezing. To stop my fella shouting at me when I try to warm my cold hands on his back I've been experimenting with fingerless gloves.

Here are my results so far: I started with these - fancy multi-coloured wool. I made the pattern up myself which I will post once I find a way of clarifying the thumb instructions. I basically crocheted a square, and sewed up the sides leaving a gap about 2/3 of the way up for the thumb. Then I crocheted the thumb basically using trial and error, putting them back on my hand every row to make sure the curve of the thumb was right!
I then got an order from my mum for some for her friend at work who gets "typists fingers!" I managed to get 2 pairs out of one ball of yarn.
Then I started to get a bit experimental using 2 colours for effect. My sister then demanded a pair of blue ones for her upcoming trip to Switzerland, which then meant Ithen needed to make a hat and scarf to go with them!
So, sorry for not blogging, I've actually been far too busy making!


Anonymous said...

Those turned ut great!!!! I never understood the significance of fingerless gloves until I started wearing the ones I had recently made. Wow, what a difference!

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks, yes they do make a difference! Everyone in the office is very jealous when I wear them at work too!