Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Big Needles Little Interest

You can take that shit down now, it’s 12.30” say I, pointing to the savings rate board in my local bank.
Pardon” asks the cashier
0.35% on my Individual Savings Account down from 4.5%? I assume it’s some kind of April Fools joke.”

I didn’t say that, obviously but I have been seething all day. The government’s response to banking industry’s piss poor lending strategy over the last few years is to make it so that these complete numpties (who have borrowed 10 times their annual salaries to buy houses they can’t afford) get to pay back their debts at 2 pence a month. While I get absolutely nothing for being prudent and saving up while living in a bloody caravan instead of buying a house I can’t afford. It’s enough to make you want to withdraw all your money and stuff it in your mattress. We should all do that, that’ll screw them.

Away from fiscal matters I’ve finished my wrap. I tried to get the OH to take a picture of me yesterday in the sunshine but he seemed to want to place more emphasis on his motorbike in the back of the photo rather than the lovely wrap I’d spent 4 days making. Honestly, if you want anything doing right, do it yourself.

I’m now on the hunt for very thick knitting needles. I have a 1cm crochet hook but I find crocheting on that scale very confusing. I want some at least 15mm in diameter. I’ve found these wooden ones but can’t help wanting something a bit more colourful, exciting and possibly even bigger. I found these but can’t help thinking they look a bit rubbishy. I’ve also heard of Speed Stix but can’t find a UK stockist and there’s no way I’m paying import duty on knitting needles. The other option is to buy some dowel and try and make my own…


Barbara Bradford said...

Good Morning,

None of your links in this article are working..... I would go the dowel, Use colored stains rather than paint to make them gorgeous and unique..........

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about eh fiscal matters there.

The Elusive Loo said...

Barbara - Thanks i've altered it. The stupid spellcheck keeps adding in extra html. I like the idea about dowel - I'm going to pop in a DIY shop at lunch!

Riohnna - It's crazy it really is!