Thursday, 2 April 2009

Summer Gypsy Wrap

As soon as I finished my knitted summer wrap the sun came out. It was so great to see blue sky for a change! Roll on summer!
I've always like the hippy-gypsy style and wanted to make a wrap which would be great for walking along the beach in the Mediterranean sunshine (not that I have a holiday booked yet this year). I'd also seen a lot of examples of knitting using different textures and thanks to my yarn addiction I have an awful lot of eyelash yarn to use.
I used big chunky needles (about 10mm) cast on about 80 stitches and simply started knitting in a colour. When I got bored of a colour and had reached the starting edge I used another complementing colour - I kept the lengths of yarn as a colourful fringing.
I stopped knitting and loosely bound off when I felt it was long enough. I'm really pleased with the result and am now trying to figure out how to best make a jumper in a similar way.


Barbara Bradford said...

Oh that turned out so cute.... I love the way you mixed your yarn & colors... I can't wait to see your vacation photos :)

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks - I think it will be lovely with a dress walking along a beach somewhere... :-)

Amber said...

Oh! I LOVE this! ♥♥♥♥♥ It gets 5/5 hearts from me!

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks, I'm really pleased with it - now all I need is sunshine here in grey rainy England to be abel to wear it!