Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Give Me Wool Over Technology Any Day

Don't you just hate it when you have a really nice weekend and make things you're really proud of out of yarn but the pictures you wanted to post on your blog are stuck on the camera? My stupid computer has decided photos should now only ever be saved as Read Only. Any attempt to resize or rotate them results in them mysteriously vanishing from the entire PC.

I'm really annoyed as I have some lovely pictures of the Leeds-Liverpool canal and a Mandarin duck all of which need rotating 90 degrees to prevent blog-reader neck-strain. I've also finished the dog bed (which was remarkably well timed as I finished it just after he decided to throw up on his old one, aren't dogs lovely?!) and I've made some bags. I'm now on with a baby blanket. None of which I can post so instead here is a picture of a donkey courtesy of Google images.


Barbara Bradford said...

Hi, You can change the attributes of your picture files. When you move you pictures to your computer, you can open the folder where you have saved them. Pick a file and right click on it. Click on properties and you will see your options at the bottom. Un-check Read Only, if it has been checked. Then on the bottom click apply.

If you Have a bunch to change. Open the folder, click edit at the top, hit select-all, then right click on a picture file. It will change them all at once.

Hope this helps.

The Elusive Loo said...

Thanks Barbara, I've already tried that, I think it's actually a problem with the way the pictures are being converted onto the pc as when I go into properties the read only part won't let you click it at all?!?! Very confusing!