Sunday, 25 April 2010


I've been spending a lot of time in the garden lately. In fact I've been very busy which is why, sadly, this blog has been neglected. But never fear, where there's colour, there's a blog post and and there's lots of colour popping out this time of year.

I've always thought purple and yellow look great together and this was the first plant in the garden to flower up. Well, actually it was a race between this and... ...the daffodils. I love spring and the weather has started to become glorious. Goodbye winter. Hello Spring!There's also lots of pansies popping up in an array of colours. Purple and deep red, blue and lilac...
Speaking of blues I've made the mistake of planting Forget-me-nots. I say mistake because although I love the tiny little blue flowers I'm not a fan of how this plant self-seeds EVERYWHERE. However I'll worry about that next year. This year they're exactly where I want them and look so very sweet.
In the grass little daisies are showing their faces. I love daisies in long grass, I'm not a fan of a neatly clipped lawn. Gardens should be overgrown and magical!
Then there's these. Very green and not at all flowery, but soon to be making up most of our meals. Baby salad leaves are brilliant and easy to grow. I love watching planting seeds and watching them appear. I have been crafting and will post some of my projects shortly but just wanted to share with you some of the colours of my garden.

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