Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Eternal Blanket of Colourful Doom

What do you call a blanket which takes up all of your spare time but ultimately, when finished is the most colourful project you've ever had the patience to make?

Why 'The Eternal Blanket of Colourful Doom' of course...My plan was to make small squares, join them to make bigger squares then join those to make one big cosy blanket. Sounds easy right? Yep, it wasn't. First I had to buy lots of new wool as I decided I wanted all squares to be joined in similar hues, then I had to stop and do the maths to see if I had enough squares every so often, arranging them neatly on the floor trying to stop a playful greyhound from laying on them, eating them or just messing them up. Then, once I had made enough and I'd joined it all neatly together I realised it didn't quite look finished so had to go round the edge twice with a nice yarn.
So I sat back to admire my work and realised it wasn't as finished as I thought it was. From the front I had a lovely neat colourful blanket but from the back I had the end-weaving in challenge of a lifetime.
I'm still very happy with it. The colours are great and it's very cosy when the cool Spring nights draw in but those ends, they go on forever! If anyone needs me I'll be busy weaving them in!


CherishedHearts Vintage said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous work! The patience and time put into that, WOW!

Louey said...

Thanks it was quite a project. it is lovely and snuggly though now!

Aurélia said...

It is great your work! I love it! Can you visit my blog too? thank you very much.