Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chunky Knitted Hat

As soon as I saw someone with a massive pompom on their head I knew I had to join the club (if that club doesn't exist already I want to make it!) so I got my 4mm knitting needles and some yarn I'd bought on the spur of the moment and set to work.

I am thrilled with the result, it's by far the warmest hat I own. It's also really thick as I've used small needles compared to the chunky wool I used. Every time I wear it people complement me on it - plus, as you can see from the picture it also serves as a useful tool for finding out which way the wind is blowing! I've had a request for another one and this time I'm taking extra special note of how to do it - I've even made a note of the yarn I'm using. Once I've made it and written up the pattern I'll post it here. It's actually quite easy, the hardest part really is attaching the strings for the pompom. I have encountered a small problem though; my needles just aren't quite long enough. Once I get to the end of a row it's becoming a real a battle to keep the stitches on the needles (which is why I sometimes prefer crochet). As a result if I want to put it down I have to stop knitting in the middle of the row which just drives me insane (I think I'm ever so slightly OCD)!

Why are knitting needles all a standard length anyway?


Anonymous said...

I have no idea why they are standard length. I have a collection of knitting needles that I have no idea what to do with, (besides knit, and I can't knit)

The Elusive Loo said...

Knitting is ok once you get into it, I was lucky enough to be taught by my Grandmas when I was about 5!

Maybe you could use them for a modern art sculpture!! lol