Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I'll Have To Get Used To It

Today is a day of mourning. What I’m mourning has something to do with this:Don’t worry Johnny Depp fans, he’s not dead. Let me explain: I’ve always fancied men with long hair, I’ve always liked the rugged biker look and I found my other half I was completely contented. The other half’s been moaning about his hair for a while. Granted, it was knotty but still a trim would quite happily sort it.

We’ve had the following conversation in the past:

“My hair’s getting on my nerves, it’s all knotty!”
“Well get it trimmed then”
“What if I get it cut short?”
“I’d be upset - I like it long”
“Well what if I get it like Johnny Depp in that film where he loses his eyes?”
“Once upon a time in Mexico? Yes, that’s not too short”
“Ok, that’d be better…”

Short back and sides later we are now having this conversation:

“Why are you upset?”
“I don’t like it, I preferred it long.”
“But why are you upset?”
“Why are you surprised? I told you I would be… you had the Captain Jack Sparrow thing going on, it was sexy. Now you have the random bloke in the street haircut that everyone has”
“So-and-so likes it”
“So-and-so isn’t going out with you…”

I’m looking for hat patterns…


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Yea, it will grow back.

The Elusive Loo said...

Yes, I am focusing on that fact! lol