Friday, 13 March 2009

Crocheted baby hat

A lot of people I know are breeding at the moment, which means I've been looking at little clothing.

'I could make that' I thought to myself, so I had a go at a crocheted baby hat. This was one of my no-pattern specials. I love making things up as I go along, especially when they turn out all cute like this one. It measures about 7inches long (and a similar width at the widest part) when laid flat. I'm making another and trying to take more nitce of how I did it so I can share the pattern with you.

In case you're wondering my house is not lined with marble. I actually took this picture by putting the hat on top of the gas fire, it is a fake marble surround!


Anonymous said...

Cute hat! Your fake marble looks similar to our marble.

Barbara Bradford said...

That sure turned out cute, was it the stitch or do you think the way the varigated yarn fell?

The Elusive Loo said...

Riohnna - You have actual marble?! :-)

Barbara - the yarn did fall nice - I always like using yarn that makes it's own patterns! it was just a simple sc.