Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Tribute To Pointless Wool Crafts

I love browsing online for quirky little projects I have no reason to make, here I'm giving you my run down of the Top 5 Pointless Yarn Projects

In fifth place it may be quirky but it's also slightly pointless unless you are bald, in either way I'm not sure you'd want this knitted wig from Knitty

In fourth place there's this lot of crazy fools who think they're being the Knitting world's answer to Banksy with their random knitted graffiti nonsense. "Oh but it's cute they argue" "How can you be offended by knitting?" Well, quite easily when you've knitted up my bloomin' post box thanks a bunch now I have to walk half a mile to post my letter or frog this huge piece of craziness. Now take your yarn and your needles and go make something practical like a jumper.

In third place it's this little annoyance. There's no pattern but it's probably for the best.All I can say is Christ no! Take the hat off the dog. I'll repeat, just in case you misunderstood: take the hat off the dog.

In second place I choose crocheted food. Any kind of crocheted food is pointless, you can't eat it, you're too big to play let's pretend. A project that really is pointless are these crochet cupcakes from Bitter Sweet. I can't enjoy their sugary goodness because they are made of blinking WOOL.

At number one it's this knitted toilet roll from Mochimochi Blog the only possible purpose for this would be to put it on your loo roll holder in order to torture a friend or relative. You can't use it but you'll need to use something, I can see this practical joke ending one of two ways: stinky knitting project or stinky friend, either way you're not going to be pleased you made it.

The Special Award for making me want to kill myself for ever even owning knitting needles goes to this:

Apparently by an artist called Guido Daniele he is now on my hit list. This is wrong for the following reasons:

  1. Bikes should not be pink
  2. Bikes should not be knitted
  3. Pink bikes are not art


JafaBrit's Art said...

LOL. I am glad to say my village loves my yarn foolery ;) In fact they seem to keeping egging me on and nagging me about doing the knit knot tree.

Such is the way of life, full of pointless wonder and joy :)

take care, and hopefully you won't do any damage to yourself in moments of exasperation.

regards Corrine aka Jafabrit

Louey said...

Hi Corinne

To be honest I love the tree and would also like to see it! What can i say, you've converted me!!

I've had a cuppa and calmed down now!

Thanks for visiting,


Clotilde said...

You must admit that they were creative. One would never know the hours of brainstorming (Lol) to be able to come up with that creation...