Thursday, 11 June 2009

Busy Blogger

I've been very busy lately. I've been doing a lot of home (caravan) improvements. We now have a new Ikea sofa, called something pretty much unpronounceable and a balcony!

The new furniture has sent me on a mad tidying spree. As a result I've had no time to do projects I've been wanting to and less time to blog. I have made muself a water bottle holder for when I'm out waling as there's nothing more annoying than losing the use of a hand to a bottle of water!

I'm afraid I haven't had time for pictures, but I thought I'd share the pattern. Hopefully it'll work for you. Let me know if you have any feedback!

Crochet Water Bottle Carrier

You will need:
Approx 75g of standard weight yarn
4mm hook

Round 1: ch3, hdc 7 in third chain from hook. Join with sl st into first stitch

Round 2: ch 2 hdc 2 in each hdc join with sl st into first stitch

Round 3: ch 2 hdc 2 in each hdc join with sl st into first stitch

Round 4: using front loop hdc in each hdc

Then ch 2 and hdc in each hdc in back loop for each following round until piece measures approx 6" join with sl st and weave in ends. Make strap by chaining desired length of chain. Sc in each ch, ch 1 to turn at end of each row. Stop when you think it's wide enough.

Sew on strap on inside of bottle holder. Stick in a bottle of water and go for a walk!


Barbara Bradford said...

Thank You very much, I was really needing a water bottle pattern for the 4th of July. I am going to sit down right now and try it.

I am glad you are busy, but we do miss you.

The Elusive Loo said...

I hope it's ok. I've made one and it fits fine, I also made the pattern so at a push you could stretch it to fit a drinks can in.