Monday, 1 June 2009

Too Hot To Crochet

I've been on holiday for a week, mostly day tripping and a couple of nights camping in Anglesey. It's been great but the weather has turned from grey skies and rain to bright blue skies and loads of sunshine. It's about 25 degrees todaywhich is far too hot to crochet

I did make some little baby bootees for one of the zillion people I know who seem to have got themselves or their partner pregnant over the last couple of months (I think there's something in the water). I don't have pictures but the pattern is here and it's very easy. I made a pair within an hour. I was going to crochet some more but the heat had made me far to ratty to concentrate. Instead I went inside and fell asleep on the sofa!


Barbara Bradford said...

I am so sorry it's so hot there. It's been in the 90's here. So we spent the weekend playing in the water with our twin grandsons. They are 3 and the heat doesn't seem to bother them a lick.

I love the little Mary Janes. I am like you, summer is for small items, save the afghans for winter.

The Elusive Loo said...

That sounds like a fun weekend, kids do seem to not bother about hot weather! I love splashing about in water on a hot day, on our camping trip we were paddling in the waves in Wales with the dog, it's great fun!

Now I just need to find some more small patterns! (any suggestions most welcome!)