Thursday, 25 June 2009

Say No To Pollen!

Unfortunately hayfever is making it increasingly difficult for me to be bothered doing any yarn-related stuff lately. By the time I get back from work I'm sniffly, tired, cranky and more often than not have a headache from my stupid allergy-ridden sinuses.

In other news I got my first haircut in over a year the other day. Only a few inches off but at least I can happily run a brush through it now:

Haircut: 1 Phobia of Hairdressers: 0

It's true, I hate having my hair cut. I think it stems from my anxiety, up until recently when I had the wonderful triple-therapy for stomach ulcers I'd get the most nervous stomach whenever I was doing anything remotely different or exciting. This nervous stomach would make me feel sick, I very seldom was sick but it was still enough to put me off doing things. I still get a bit of a nervous tummy but it's much better. Now there are two things I still don't enjoy doing, the first is going out for a meal, because feeling sick with excitement/nerves is not conducive to enjoying a hearty meal and the second is getting my haircut.

It's crazy, I know but I think it's something to do with being stuck in the chair, with that silly shawl thing round my neck and someone looking at me (well, my hair). I know I can't really leave as I need my whole hair cutting, not just part of it, this thought then festers in my brain as I feel increasingly queasy and aware that I can't actually run away. I've never been sick, and I probably never will but me repeating that fact in my head doesn't detract from the fact that it's an altogether uncomfortable experience for me.

I was lucky that my haircut was the result of a hairdressing student desperately needing a model, I had no time to think or panic, before I knew it I was sat in the chair being pruned. Albeit gulping like a madwoman, looking petrified! But the whole ordeal was soon over, the student did a good job and my hair looks all the better for it.

I'm going to have to let them practice on me more often. I'm the perfect candidate really, I'm not bothered about what I look like so I'm not scared of students making a hash of it. In fact, when asked by any hairdresser throughout my life how I want my hair cutting my standard response is "I don't know, whatever. Just no split ends."

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